A 2019 Gothic Lolita Wardrobe Tour!

January 31, 2019

I am happy to say I barely made it in time to share my beginning-of-2019 wardrobe post here! After doing a major purge of dresses that don't fit my style or have just never been worn, I have a smaller but more loved collection of dresses. I have to say it's somewhat of a modest collection, but I am happy to refine my taste and cull the rest in this way now and again.

Vampire Requiem [Alice and the Pirates]

Burando first. Right now this is my only brand piece, but I love it dearly! I have been stingy about wearing it - I am so paranoid that I'll have a clumsy moment and spill something on it and disgrace myself forever. Because of that, I've only worn this at home. I will have to find a chance to wear this out and get some proper coordinate shots. I feel that many indie brands are catching up to the big brands in terms of quality, but this dress proved to me how nice brand dresses really are! The fabric and lace are thick and sturdy, the stitching is perfect, the zipper is strong, and there is boning in the bodice. I love this dress so much!

Love and Death [Cha Cha]

 The next dress is one that I personally adore because it reminds me of my favorite TV show, Hannibal (RIP, you glorious gothic romance masterpiece). Something about the skulls and bones and roses all draped together by flowing ribbon is something grotesque and elegant, and I love it. I even started DIY-ing a nice antler headdress to match the red-and-white roses on the print, but I will have to update later when I finally finish! I say it reminds me of NBC's Hannibal because the fleshy human bones seem to be set out tastefully like a fine centerpiece on a dining table. Am I the only one who sees it?

L580 [Bodyline]

Yes, I have this ita staple dress. Yes, I have it in two colors. And yes, you guessed it, I used to have the pink one, too. Guilty of all charges.

I just really do like this dress. It's the most color I have in a dress, and everyone needs that one or two dresses that are outside their usual color palette, right?

I am pretty sure I snagged all three of them during a bodyline sale where they were like only $10, but I just could not do the pink one. Just too much. It was one of the things I purged this year.

Otherwise I do really like these dresses. They are pretty well-constructed, though it does really bother me that the print is backwards on one. I try not to notice. There is enough black that I feel comfortable, while encouraging me to try something different every once in a while. Plus, when I wear a little bit of pastels I really feel like Wicca and I match each
other perfectly. :)

Addiction Rose [Sweet Pirate]

Isn't this a sad sight? You can see right where the lining of this dress tore, and I've yet to get around to fixing it. So, as you can imagine, I have not worn this one in too long! Really, the fix would be quite simple, it's just a seam tear in the lining, but lately I've been working on so many other things that this somehow slipped through the cracks. I'll have to put it down in my bullet journal to set aside some time soon to fix this! It's really a lovely dress, just fragile - all I did to rip it was pull it down a bit to sit on my natural waist. Yikes, lesson learned. 

In its full and magestic form this dress is really wonderful, though. It's made of a really smooth, soft material and the print is less opaque than usual, making it seem a little ghostly. This is my first and only dress from this brand but I do love it. It's just a dress one would have to be very very careful with! Still, I wouldn't mind having the red colorway as well, which looks amazing in photographs! 

Separate [Bodyline]

They tell you to stay out of the seperates section in Bodyline. They're usually right. But I really love this piece after taking a chance with it. I'd made a large order, and said, "You know what? That looks okay. Let's see what it looks like in person."

In case you were wondering, it is different from how it looks on the website. It is a two-piece set in which the blouse is not included. What is included is this underbust overskirt/JSK/whatever, and a simple tiered skirt (color depends on what you buy, I bought black just in case). They're meant to be worn as a set, but you could mix and match them with other things. I like that because it makes the whole set much more versatile and coordinate-friendly! I'll show the skirt later, as it's actually a really nice basic lolita skirt, and goes well with a lot of more casual outfits.

This, though, is the overskirt/underbust JSK. It has a nice uber-gothic lolita feel that I adore, and has just a couple simpl embellishments. It goes well with a lot of all-black coordinates, but changing the color of the skirt you wear with it gives it a whole new look! Personally, I think this may have been the one exception to the rule. This set turned out pretty good.

[Arca Et Ovis] Little Daemon

This dress is a little sweeter than I usually like to go, but it's nice now and then. It has these adorable little crown buttons, and the collar is cut in a jagged way that makes the sweetness a little more bearable for me. It's also kind of vampy; it came with a little waist belt with shiny black bat wings. Just how I like my sweet lolita - a little spooky. This one came with a waist belt (pictured in accessories) and little bat wing hair clips! 

Offbrand [Hot Topic]

Go ahead and judge! I have this sundress (yes, from Hot Topic...) that I consider a part of my lolita wardrobe, though on the casual side of it. I've been meaning to alter the halter straps to fit with buttons like a traditional JSK, but I just...well, I haven't yet. I usually coord this with a bolero, an updo, and some opaque stockings rather than socks. Some simple jewelry and it makes a passable basic coordinate. It works out nicely when I'm feeling something more casual. I also typically wear a corset belt from restyle.pl to modify where the waist sits to fit lolita silhouette. Normally I would pass at something like this, but I loved the fabric too much to let it go.

L466 [Bodyline] 

This is just a simple underbust JSK from Bodyline. I actually really like wearing this one, because boobs. Really, sometimes it is just such a relief to not worry about fitting the mammaries into lolita! With this I can wear any blouse and be good to go. It's nice and simple, too, so it's wearable a number of different ways.

Transylvania Moonlight [Krad Lanrete]

Last for the JSKs, this is my favorite dress I currently own. Seriously, I like it more than my AATP and I'm not sorry. I love this print. I love, I love, I love this print. It is a visual depiction of my soul. Look at it. Oh my god, look at it. I only own this one, but I am committed to one day owning every cut in every colorway. I love the gloomy Dracula's Castle, the subtle texture of the night sky, the cemetery and bats scattered through the print and going all the way up to the bodice. I could go on about this print for ages.

The cut and fabric, though. I have been obsessed with Krad Lanrete ever since I got this dress. The quality is amazing. The fabric and lace are both thick and strong. It  feels incredibly similar to the touch compared to my AATP Vampire Requiem JSK.

Vampyre Corset Belt

 I cannot for the life of me find a source for this skirt! I bought this a year or so ago on lacemarket. I love it, but I can not find it! This is more of a strapped belt than anything else, but I wasn't sure where it should go! It's a really nice belt/overskirt combo that adds a little sharpness to an outfit that I feel is leaning too sweet. This changes the look drastically for a lot of coords! I love the layers of sheer fabric that drape down into points. 

L325 [Bodyline]

This is my favorite skirt, currently out of commission. I used to have awful posture, and the weak plastic boning in the skirt bent from sitting in the car and other hunched-over activities. I removed the boning and am currently setting up to replace it with nice corset-quality steel boning. Ooooh.

Technical issues aside, this skirt is a beginner lolita's best friend. It's elegant and easy to coordinate with. It was actually a part of my very first order of lolita clothes, back when I was first trying the style. I would love to have this in red, too, but I'm not really sure if Bodyline is restocking it any time soon, or any more at all. A shame, because this was one of the really good quality items on their site. Regardless I plan to keep this ruffly monstrosity for a good long while.

I'm also replacing the original ribbon with real, sturdy lacing, like this next skirt.

L353 [Bodyline]

This is another versatile skirt that has never done me wrong. She's ruffly, she's feminine, and she has a nice mature look that can be coorded a million different ways! I even found some shoes at my local thrift store that match this skirt exactly. I also have to follow up with the lacing. I don't know why, but this is the only corset skirt from bodyline that actually has effective lacing for a corset effect. I love it. I want it on every corset skirt. Why isn't it on every corset skirt? 

L245 [Bodyline]

I'm kind of proud of this one, because I altered it enough that it just works. This is originally a bodyline skirt that looks kind of...just like a deflated petticoat with a short overskirt on it. I added an extra ruffle to the bottom - that's it - and the skirt now looks more...like a skirt. And I love the way it turned out. It's true to my color palette and just really breezy and cute.

Butterfly Cemetery [Souffle Song]

Butterflies and cemeteries. I don't need to explain on this one. This skirt is everything. It's bright, elegant, and beautifully eerie. I admired it in all the colorways before ordering this one. I can't say no to red and black. 

I love the soft fabric on this skirt, and how it moves when I walk or when a breeze passes. The print is so colorful yet so dark - I love the presence of both whimsical butterflies and the wrought iron gates of the cemetery. This dress depends a lot on petticoats for shape because the fabric is so wispy (it's similar to my sweet pirate addiction rose JSK in fabric, so I've been very careful with this skirt) but it gives a lovely feminine look.

Every time I look at this skirt in person I just fixate on the print. It's so lovely. 😭

L369 [Bodyline]

This skirt is basically my favorite basic bodyline skirt, but with a red satin ruffles underneath. I'm less fond of it than the basic tiered skirt in all black, since satin can be sketchy depending on quality. The light in the camera makes it look a bit costumey, but really, it looks quite nice in person and does not appear nearly as shiny. Otherwise the skirt is exactly the same as the all-black skirt listed above.

Separate [Bodyline]

This is the skirt that came with the bodyline seperates set. I actually let go of another skirt during my purge earlier this year because this skirt just filled the role better. It's a really great basic monocolor tiered skirt. There's nothing fancy about it, which is really nice sometimes!

It's awesome that I can pair this with its intended partner, or mix and match coords with other pieces for some nice casual days where I still want to wear some frills.


Not every impulse buy is a regret. For the life of my I can't remember where I got this or what brand it's from - if it comes to me, I'll be sure to edit this. I bought this dress on Taobao, or at least I think I did, having never seen it before in my life. I am so glad I did, though! As I'm sure you can tell by now I love corset skirts, and this one is so comfortable and just my style. I love those jagged lines at the knees and the varying shades of red and black from the tiered sheer overlay.

This is an item I usually only bring out around Halloween. It's a peplum jacket with a flocked Jack Skellington print and some really cute details. It's from hot topic, but because of the cut I've found that it does look really cute with a sharper gothic coord. I've had people stop me just to comment on it.

This is my one lolita-specific winter coat, feat. dog hair. I got this for Christmas during my first year in lolita. It's been in a closet mostly, but it comes out each winter especially around December when I'm feeling super cozy.

It comes with a cute waist tie, a capelet, and the most adorable hand warmer! It's on the sweeter side for sure, but there are definitely times especially in winter where I feel the need to be a little snug and homey.

I do want to bring some more gothic items into my lolita closet, but they likely won't be from lolita sources. This will probably remain my designated lolita winter coat.

Blouses are less interesting, no? These two are from bodyline. They were among the first lolita-specific tops I brought into my wardrobe, replacing some trashy as hell thrift store blouses. 

This cutsew is also from bodyline. I don't wear it much, but it is a nice basic top to pair with plain skirts for those low-effort coord days.

This blouse is actually from restyle.pl. In a time where gothic lolita is sparser in the lolita community itself, I find solace in western brands starting to make some pretty damn good lolita pieces. This is among them!

It's fully shirred around the waist, perfect for how much I love to wear corset skirts. The sleeves can be worn as a round collar, or off the shoulder - and both look great. While the waist is shirred, the bust is so forgiving. When building a coord, this is almost always my first thought.

This is a top from rogue and wolf that I occasionally work into a coord if I'm feeling in an especially dark little mood. I love the spiderweb cutout and sharp sleeve edges. The collar fits fairly close to the neck, however, which makes it a tad uncomfortable to wear. I might sell her and size up, but right now she sits in my closet, waiting to be beckoned.

My accessories and jewelry collection took a huge blow in my recent cull. In refining my taste over the last few years, I've decided to remove most bows and sweet-leaning accessories, even if they do come in all-black. I'm keeping a couple of wrist cuffs and maybe one head bow for days I maybe want to lean a little sweet, but I'm much happier narrowing my collection down to pieces I really love.
From restyle.pl

This year I plan to add a more all-black items to my wardrobe, finish some DIY accessories I've been putting off, and add in the area of accessories and jewelry. I inherited a nice jewelry box (pictured, kind of.) recently and plan to dark-it-yourself to fit my tastes a bit better, so it would be a shame not to fill it with spooky delights. 

I'm keeping my eye on lacemarket and my local comm sales for a few dresses I've wanted for what feels like ages. Will update, hopefully! I'm keeping my list of dresses here on this pinterest board, so take a look if you like!

I'm also putting money aside for my first ever new-bought brand dress. LOML and I are planning a trip to Paris later this year, and I'll be damned if I don't take that opportunity to check out the AP store there. I think buying my first new brand dress would be the perfect souvenir! I haven't decided what to buy quite yet - I'm leaning towards the dreaded Holy Lantern (a.k.a. Holy Hell Not This Dress Again). I know we're all tired of it, but I'm limited in my taste when it comes to Angelic Pretty! A girl's gotta have her black!

I will have you, you fluffy bitch.

Have you been to AP Paris, and if so what was it like? I'm dying to know! Ever been to another brand store? If you feel inclined to save me from myself when it comes to the cursed dress we all either hate to love or love to hate, leave a comment. What dress should I get from my trip instead?