Facts About Me (Welcome to GrimoireGirl.com!)

January 25, 2019

2018 was a hell of a year on which to reflect.

A great many things happened in 2018: I met the love of my life, and moved in to a new apartment with him; together we added a new four-footed member to our family; I saw for the first time the passing of a member of my immediate family; I grew in my career and learned to adult a little better; I even made a few attempts to nurture my social life!

In 2019, I want to make that a priority over all. I want to connect with others, and to build something of my own. With that goal in mind, I launch the first post of a new personal/lifestyle blog! In case you're wondering what I'll be going on about here, allow me to introduce myself!
I'm a Gothic Lolita.   

My closet of frills has been growing since at least 2016. I made my first purchases drawing inspiration and advice from other Lolita blogs. My style went through several different phases (and yes, ita was one of them) to get to where it is now. Today, I am on-and-off with wearing Lolita, but constantly adding new pieces to the vast wish list of lace. I think of myself as an uber-gothic Lolita; I incorporate some mainstream dark fashion into Lolita, and aim for a more mature and sometimes sharper look. My wardrobe is a mix of black and red, though I have been trying to add more all-black pieces (black on black on black). I really love indie brands like Krad Lanrete and Haenuli, but my first brand piece was Vampire Requiem. 
Since beginning to wear Lolita, I have developed a passion for makeup and beauty. Most lolitas seem to prefer a subtle, natural makeup look, which is often lovely and fitting for the style, but I love going bold. In all those frills, I want my face to match! I love my eyelash extensions, contour, super dark and pigmented liquid lipsticks, and flashy dolly lenses.  
I work as a dog trainer and pet care professional. 
And no, I don't train dogs in my dresses. ;) I spend a lot of time - and make my living - walking dogs, pet sitting, and providing care for a range of different pets. I also occasionally get work independently as a dog trainer, and am working towards tipping the scales towards that kind of work. I am a balanced dog trainer (we're the folks who believe in saying "yes" and "no," and the importance of both) specializing in behavior modification including aggression rehab. My training is all about building a relationship and opening efficient lines of communication between handler and dog. I am a student of Catch Canine Trainer's Academy, though I will admit learned most of what I know about training dogs hands-on. Dogs themselves have been my greatest teachers. I won't be talking about dog training much on here as it seems off-topic and discussions can get quite heated, but I do plan on fleshing out and publishing a website for my growing business sometime this year, and will certainly have a very salty dog training blog there!
I am becoming something of a fitness enthusiast. 
Another "about me" section that likely won't end up discussed much here on my fashion-lifestyle blog: I am on my own little fitness journey. LOML is a fitness specialist student, and I'm so lucky to have his help in reaching my goals this year. Really, I like being "thicc." But I also want to feel comfortable and pretty in Lolita, which for me (repeat: for me) means trimming down and getting lean! I am currently doing the keto diet (coupled with calorie counting, of course) as well as daily walks with my pack and supplemental strength training workouts throughout the week. I've even taken up running, which is, like, the worst. I won't be focusing specifically on health and fitness here, but I may post general updates of my own progress and little things here and there. 
You'll be hearing a lot about my pets. 
I have two small rescue dogs: Grimm, an Italian Greyhound-Chihuahua-Pomeranian-Boston Terrier mix (I did have his DNA done, thank you for asking!); and Wicca, a purebred (?)Pomeranian I adopted in the summer of 2018. 
My little monsters, as I call them, are both equally spooky as I am (or easily more!), in no small part due to the black magic styling of our favorite groomer, Lauren from the Painted Pooch in Burien, WA. Passersby gawk at my dogs daily due to her outstanding work using pet-safe vegetable dyes and other styling products made just for dogs. My little witchy pup and skeleton dog likely have no idea their grooming is "special" in any way, though they do love the extra attention!

Grimm, (or @skeletondoggrimm as he is known on the web) was my first dog as an adult, and I swear he is my soulmate. The bond we share is something sacred, I think, because how far we came in understanding each other since I adopted him. He is the dog that forced me to become a balanced dog trainer, and the one who showed me how much I enjoyed it. Together we overcame severe dog and human aggression through improved communication, and he pushed me in the right direction for my career. To him I will always be grateful.  He's also a cuddly boy.

Wicca (known online as @wiccapom) although much easier behaviorally than Grimm, has become a big presence in my home since we adopted her last year. She is a beam of joy that forces me into social interactions with other humans as she begs to meet every person who glances at her. She's become an irreplaceable member of our little family. 

I have had several pets over the years, but now have only my two aforementioned loveable dogs, and a Mexican Black Kingsnake named Celestina. In a perfect world, I would love to have a vast collection of happy beautiful animals, if only I had the time and resources to give them all proper care. I love having animals around, but take their care very seriously! I do hope that in the coming months I will be able to share the addition of a betta fish and a Brazilian Black Tarantula - fingers crossed for good news later this year. 


Games are my Bane.
Let's try to get this out of the way and hopefully never talk of it again: Aside from the odd Pokemon title on the 3ds I've had for several years, video games are mostly a recent addition to my life. LOML really is to blame. Throughout our first year dating, I could see him scheming on how to get me gaming on PC with him on a daily basis. He tried valiantly for many moons, but all it took in the end was for him to boot up Diablo III one time! Unfortunately, that was during Steam's summer sale, and he had loaned me a gaming laptop. In the course of a couple months, I had downloaded Diablo from Battle.net and a mix of seventeen other games from the Steam sale! I was also gifted a Star Citizen pack and a handful of other games to play with LOML (thank you, Sweetie, but damn!). If you think that's not all that bad, a few months later Pokemon Let's Go Pikachu and Eevee was released, and we bought a Nintendo Switch and six games to go along with it. One of those games was a repeat of Diablo III (really, though, the Switch is how Diablo was meant to be played so no regrets)! Not two months later from the Nintendo haul that I promised would end game-related purchases for a long time, I made the decision to start this blog and resume writing. This resulted in a modest (really, this is quite a modest price) $500 or so in PC parts to custom-build a gaming PC...though I am using it for many purposes, so I guess that's not al that bad...except I also spent another $250-300 on a motorized sit-stand desk to use it! Oy, help me.

I'm also really into Monster High Dolls. 
Specifically, custom doll modifications. I first was attracted to Monster High over any other doll type due to the spooky looks of even the stock dolls, but as I looked more I began to love everything about them. The face structures are feminine and pouty, the heads are the perfect proportion for my taste, their bodies are uniquely elegant, and they are surprisingly quite poseable. Best of all, they are hugely customizable.  I actually picked my first dolls up early this month from my local thrift store, and they are currently sitting on my shelf in various states of breakdown - heads detached, hair removed, stock clothing discarded - waiting for a faceup and a new life! I'm hugely inspired my the amazing art I find on Pinterest, and have been itching to give it a go.  

Some of the girls waiting to be given new life :)
Actually, I DIY Anything I Can 
And you're likely to find show-and-tell posts on here in the future. I find that the easiest way to maintain a spooky lifestyle is to make a lot of things yourself. Sometimes it's really painstaking work, and sometimes it's a can of black spray paint. I'm excited to show off in this area, since some of the things I've made have turned out pretty cool, if I do say so myself! 
I find a lot of DIY projects at thrift stores, and turned them around into something perfectly suited to my space and tastes. Most of what I own is secondhand (including that mirror shelf unit you see holding my Monster High dolls - free at our apartment's dump, and turned black with some leftover furniture paint). I've even spotted a few Lolita pieces at my local thrift stores (unfortunately overpriced; but you can't expect every thirft store employee to know the value of that indie dress. It just looks fancy!)  
I am working on expanding my book collection. 
One of the areas of the thrift store I am always sure to check out is the book section. They are always priced low, and I've found many like-new books I wouldn't have thought about buying if I didn't see them right in front of me. 
I think a person's library should always speak loudly about who they are, and what their identity is as a person. I've been eyeing many of the books that speak to my identity, just waiting for my budget to be set to order them. Expect hauls.
By the way, I'm an aspiring author/publisher. 
I fell in love with prose fiction in my teens (thanks to the poems of Sonya Sones), and have been developing story ideas in my mind for the last few years. I used to write heavily in middle- and high school and found it incredibly therapeutic. It's something I've been itching to get back to and pursue more seriously. 
When I feel it's ready, I plan on self-publishing in ebook and print through my own publishing company. It's another aspiration I just haven't been going for - it's time! I want to specialize in dark fiction, and maybe one day open up submissions from other writers as well!

In 2019, I want to move towards these things.
I'm not really one for new years resolutions. But I want to go for my goals this year, instead of holding them in a constant state of "one day..." I feel the nagging of something I've wanted for what feels like a long time - to become a part of the online community of spooky folk and lolitas, to spend more time productively and with intention, to learn new skills, and to make new and genuine friendships both on and offline. With this blog I hope to share my love for writing, pets, dolls, crafts, fashion, lifestyle, and more with the thousands of like-minded (and respectfully unlike-minded, as well) people on the great web. I hope that if we share some of the same interests, you will feel welcome to reach out and say hello, and bear with me as I update and flesh out this new little blog of mine. Here's to 2019!