Valentine's Day Ideas Guide for Your Favorite Goth/Lolita

February 14, 2019

Welcome! In this last-minute Valentine's Day post, I'll be covering my ass 50 amazing and romantic gifts for your special, spooky S.O! This list covers all sorts of interests and budgets, so there is sure to be something for every macabre soul!

  1. Bath bombs. I don't know any human that doesn't enjoy a good bath. There's something luxurious about lowering a bath bomb into the hot water and watching it fizz out into a pool of pampering. Hex Bomb is popular amongs dark fashion enthusiasts, but you'll really win points for an anatomically correct heart bath bomb from theMADbombers on etsy. If push comes to shove, you can even make your own!
  2. Flowers. They're classic, they're romantic, and roses do go so well with black.
  3. Chocolates. You really can't go wrong with chocolates, like, ever. Not everything has to fit into the goth bubble! If you want those extra goth points, though, grab your love a Fatally Yours Chocolate Box. You're welcome.
  4. Coffin gems. There's necklaces and earrings, and if you're going for a proposal this year I'm probably too late to recommend a coffin gems engagement stone! 
  5. Tarot cards. Wanna be cute? Give them a full deck of the lovers.
  6. Flirty black lingerie. Wink wink.
  7. The complete works of Edgar Allen Poe.
  8. A film to watch together. Something with gothic and romantic elements or even just something fun and spooky.
  9. Some amazing new lippies from Pretty Zombie Cosmetics, Cryptic Cosmetics, or Black Moon Cosmetics
  10. A spooky box club subscription.
  11. A thrift store gift card. I don't know a fashion-lover who doesn't also love thrift stores. If you don't know specifically what they might like or don't have a big budget, help them pad their wardrobe with some used goodies!
  12. A new wig. There are some lovely and affordable wigs from L-email wigs that could fit all kind of different styles.
  13. Soaps or body butter from Witch Baby Soap.
  14. A gift certificate to their favorite online shop.
  15. Jewelry. Anything pretty and spooky is a win, but something from Curiology is sure to win.
  16. Makeup. Better yet get them a gift certificate to their favorite physical makeup shop.
  17. A candle. Something with an earthy or flowery smell. For goth points go with Burke + Hare Co.
  18. A new dress. Nothing could make a gothic lolita happier than to receive a dress from their wishlist.
  19. Wardrobe padding. Wrist cuffs, socks, hair accessories...a bundle of a few little things makes a big impression!
  20. A fun date. Go somewhere dark and romantic, or take an evening stroll under the moon.
  21. A bottle of red wine, for those old enough to drink! Share it together for a romantic evening. A dessert red after dinner is a lovely way to wind down!
  22. Decorative pillows. Spooky folk love their damn throw pillows, okay? Bonus points for anatomical hearts or Addams family quotes.
  23. An album of their favorite music, or a custom CD of songs that have significance to you.
  24. A planner. Pre-fill it with fun date ideas.
  25. Craft supplies. Creatively-inclined or not, every goth has had to dark-it-yourself at some point, and absolutely will need to in the future. Help them out with some art supplies, and volunteer to help them out!
  26. A black or patterned throw blanket. These are everywhere in September-October, though you may have some difficulty finding a spooky patterned one in February. Either way, they are lovely to have when it gets cold.
  27. Concert tickets. Snag a show when you can and S.O. will be elated.
  28. A classic gothic novel hardcover.
  29. A cute coffee mug or travel tumbler. There are some really cute ones out there! As a bonus you can fill it with hot chocolate spoons or some variation of their favorite beverage.
  30. A skull makeup brush holder.
  31. A bouquet of chocolate roses. These even come in black. So, I mean, that's three great things right there.
  32. A new bag. There's always room for a new bag, especially something from Skinny Bags.
  33. Brushes. Everyone always needs more makeup brushes. Always.
  34. Sewing patterns. For those who make their own clothes or are interested in dabbling, clothing patterns make life so easy!
  35. Accessories from a big brand. A tote bag, necklace, or even a phone case from Moitie or Angelic Pretty adds a pop of luxe to a new lolita's coord. They will really cherish it, especially if it's their first brand piece!
  36. A zip-up makeup travel case. If your S.O. is a hoarder type, good for them! Look into makeup train cases instead. They will be ecstatic!
  37. Moisturizers, sunscreens, etc.
  38. Art prints, posters, and other decorations. Art prints can really reinforce and aesthetic in someone's living space.
  39. Shoes. Everyone thinks they have enough shoes, and everyone is wrong.
  40. A travel bag hanger/hook. They're livesavers for dining and general on-the-go life!
  41. A vacation somewhere they've been wanting to go. This could be a weekend road trip, or the dream vacation they've always talked about.
  42. Gothic and Lolita bibles. Prices vary on these, but they will be cherished no matter what edition it is!
  43. Scents and perfumes. A few sample-size bottles are IMO the best route! S.O. can choose which ones they really like, and each little bottle goes a lot farther than you'd think!
  44. A vintage-style atomizer. Pair it with their favorite perfume.
  45. A backrub or massage. Goths are tense from all the demons in our muscles.
  46. A fancy home-cooked dinner, with candles and wine.
  47. A geode chunk. They're lovely for decoration and give any space a little witchy flair.
  48. An animal skull (real or resin), wet specimens, etc. Another lovely decorative item. Resin cat skulls are particularly popular right now. Remember to be considerate of where your bones and whole specimens are sourced, if you go for real taxidermy!
  49. An H.P. Lovecraft adult coloring book. 
  50. A sincere, genuine hand-written sentiment. Hallmark cards are nice. Handwritten notes are even better.