10 Different Kinds of Food I Enjoy (30 Days of Lolita, Day 4)

March 05, 2019

  1. Chocolate. Keep it away from me, seriously. Don't make me embarrass myself.
  2. Pasta. I literally don't even eat this anymore because I get addicted to it and need to be able to fit into my dresses. 😢
  3. BLT wraps. I eat these as a part of my weight loss diet and seriously can not get enough. I would eat them if I could eat anything.
  4. Lechon. There's a Filipino-Hawaiian place nearby LOML and I like going to and it is the bomb, oh my god. Their lechon is served cubed and it's the perfect meat-fat-skin ratio. I'm drooling.
  5. Pizza (from Papa Murphy's). I don't know why but something about Papa Murphy's is just so good. It's the best pizza to reheat, the texture is so good. The garden veggie is my favorite.
  6. Mochi Ice Cream. Sometimes the chocolate ones crop up at my local discount grocery for cheap. When they do I have powder on my face for days.
  7. Starbucks Peppermint Mocha. Back when I swigged this stuff on a daily basis (ahem: before I got healthy) Peppermint Mocha was my year-round drink. Occasionally I still treat myself if it's a special occasion.
  8. Curry tofu or curry chicken. I'm pretty bummed that my favorite Chinese place shut down last year, taking their curry tofu perfection with it. It took me several months to find a new go-to Chinese restaurant but LOML and I found our new safe haven by accident on Christmas night last year. They don't have curry tofu, and I'll miss it forever, but they have a very similar curry chicken that is just to die for! (also, a religious guy with no teeth saw me come in wearing a restyle.pl witchcraft/occult hoodie and spent the whole night spewing anti-science nonsense lolwat)
  9. Taco Del Mar. If you're not from the Pacific Northwest, you won't know...but if you ever travel here, put this on your list. Their burritos are the best. I always get a vegetarian burrito on a spinach tortilla and oh hot damn. I can barely finish it. But I always finish it.
  10. Burgers from Diamond Knot Pub are the best and the atmosphere is very local Washington. LOML used to go there all the time when we first started dating, and we still visit from time to time. Everything on the menu is delicious, but the burgers and Atlas blackberry cider, 10/10 very recommend.