10 People Who Inspire My Lolita Style (30 Days of Lolita Challenge Day 7)

March 08, 2019

  1. Kina. Kina isn't lolita by any means, but I really love her bold, dramatic makeup and dark barbie kind of look. I like to incorporate that same vibe into my lolita style.
  2. Mana. I don't think I'd get away with not having him on this list. He has such a way of blending the sharp trad goth look with a delicate lolita composure. Again, I like that he embraces the bolder things and breaks the rules in a way that just works.
  3. ItsBlackFriday. Freyja used to be lolita but is now an overall influencer of overall dark fashion. I have taken a lot of lifestyle inspiration from her, as well as some awesome hair tips. When I want to do something with my hair, she's my first stop. And, of course, I think you can tell by now I love the huge-eye look.
  4. Carolyn. A.K.A. Miss Caro from fyeahlolita. Her blog is kind of where I got started! I learned a lot from her and love her personal style. I hope that I can do the same for other potential lolitas and darklings with my own website, too. 

  5. Jojo. A.K.A. EvilChocoBunny. I wasn't expecting to put a gyaru girl up here, but I have to be honest - I really love this girl. I like the way she does her makeup, her hairstyle, and I love that she incorporates western brands into her style. It has a very unique feel, and it inspires me to experiment more with my own style!
  6. Misako. It's not so much about her style...while she's very stylish, I think I've mentioned a few times that sweet lolita is not my bag, baby. But I adore that blank, soulless stare. That smile from lips only, which senses your most embarrassing behavior, revealing your true and hidden nature, and which draws you into an ominous lacey pink abyss of eternal punishment. Inspiring. 
  7. Kanon Wakeshima. I know this is technically still Mana in many ways; for recruiting her, dressing her, managing her, etc.... But I really fell in love with Kanon Wakeshima's music videos for some time. I even convinced myself I could be happy being predominantly classic lolita. It was a real identity crisis, until I realized I just liked how spooky she always seemed. It seems like she doesn't do the lolita thing so much anymore, but it was really lovely while she was!
  8. Raye a.k.a. ItsMyRayeRaye. This girl is a magician with makeup. I love that she covers things for every skill level. She's done some glam, expensive looks, and dollar store budget challenges. She makes everything look good, shows you how, and is super entertaining. 
  9. Sara Monster. She's a goth youtuber who talks about music, makeup, hair, and spooky things. The makeup and hair videos she has so far are really compatible with lolita and have definitely influenced my style. They're dark and romantic and spooky and I love them.
  10. All of you! Is that too cheesy? Really, though, the biggest influencer to my own style is the community of beautiful lolitas sharing looks and tips and common interests. I am most inspired by the collective lolita community and all the things you bring to the table.