10 Things About My Lolita Bubble (30 Days of Lolita Challenge Day 1)

March 02, 2019

  1. My style crosses over into other dark fashions frequently. I love bold, dramatic makeup and loud gothic accessories. I love wearing all black, and feeling both delicate and intimidating when I wear my mix of romantic goth and gothic lolita.
  2. Even though I don't wear lolita every single day, I still feel "lifestyle" in that I surround myself with a certain dark lolita aesthetic. When you walk into my home, you know that a little darkling lives there. Or, rather, that a wicked witch lives there with one handsome devil and their two little monsters. 👿
  3. My bubble doesn't always align with other lolita interests. I don't really care for most other J fashion, I don't watch anime or read manga, I don't cosplay or have interest in conventions, and I don't decorate my house with (nor do I prioritize in any way, really) Japanese things or pop culture. I lean a lot more towards dark aesthetic and spooky things, so in that way, I sometimes feel isolated from the community. *the saddest of violin plays* 😭
  4. My bubble includes mostly mature lolita styles. I like elegance and a refined nature, with an occasional side of snarky. While they're not really my styles, I do also follow a few "bittersweet" lolitas, as well as some other dark fashions that I don't really wear. 
  5. Wigs and extensions are a really important part of my lolita bubble. I have a fairly large collection of dozens of wigs, and they're so important to the overall diversity of my wardrobe. I love matching wigs to my coordinates, matching makeup to my wigs, and feeling like there's always something new to try. I like keeping my hair a simple straight black, so wigs are a really fun way to switch it up without having to unnecessarily damage my hair at a salon. I spend a lot of online scrolling time just drooling over wigs I've yet to procure.
  6. In my bubble, I accept only positive people. No petty rivalries or low-key hate. I'm a busy person, I just don't have time for that! As much as I lament not having super close lolita friends, I also rejoice my life's productivity and positivity. The friends I do have are truly cherished because I have gotten to a point in my life where I allow in only the friendships I feel to be genuine and mutually uplifting. That is the way it should be!
  7. My fashion bubble is mostly online. I love the times I meet and hang out with fellow darklings and fellow lolitas, but most of my inspiration these days is from my Instagram feed and Pinterest. I'm a serial lurker.
  8.  My bubble is thrifty. I am addicted to a good deal, and love spending hours on LaceMarket as well as in my local thrift stores. Amazon flash sales are life. I've even found some indie lolita dresses in my local thrift stores!
  9. My bubble includes my little monsters, always. They're an extension of me. They're my pack, and I'm their leader! Chances are if I'm out and about, they are along for the ride with me.
  10. My bubble is small, and I know very few fellow lolitas on a personal level. I am very introverted, and also spend a lot of time and energy on my day job, my creative work, and my me time/self-care. I spend most of my time doing self-study programs, reading, working on DIY and other art projects, writing, working out, or otherwise just trying to better myself! This year, I look to change that by connecting with other lolitas! I hope you'll feel inclined to reach out and help my little bubble grow. :)