10 Things I Couldn't Live Without In Lolita (30 Days of Lolita Challenge Day 6)

March 07, 2019

  1. A computer and internet connection. I can't live without this in general. I do too much on the computer to live without one. But I would never have known about lolita if I didn't have a computer and some solid wifi.
  2. My Classical Puppets bell-shaped petticoat. This thing has held up through my entire lolita life, which has been a few good years now. I don't need to layer it at all, it's a nice solid black, and gives me a really great bell shape. Best of all it fits over my butt! *fist pump yeah*
  3. My fitness program. This doesn't seem like something that belongs on a fashion list, but what's the point of pretty dresses when you can't fit into them? I workout hard lifting weights at my apartment's fitness room 5 days a week and have active rest days 2 times a week. It's very important for me to maintain my health and feel good about my body, because if I don't feel good about my body then I won't feel good wearing lolita.
  4. Makeup. I am someone who thinks makeup is a necessity in lolita fashion. Why would you wear something so extravagant and do so little with your face?
  5. Nails. Nails make the look. Since I decided to take writing back up, I've been using press-on nails instead of doing my acrylics. It's just more liveable, you know?
  6. My cell phone. I need it for a lot of things, but I also keep up on the facebook groups and use it to check in on LaceMarket now and then.
  7. My wigs and hair pieces. I could do with my natural hair. It's straight, black (ahem...dyed....), and has enough volume to work okay in simple styles. But I can not do bangs. My hair gets too thin and greasy and the bangs clump and it just does not look right. I can not do lolita without at least my clip-in bangs, which blend really well and don't get greasy at all. And really, doing lolita without my wigs would be total hell. Give me some variety!
  8. Craft space. I DIY a lot of my things, including my fashion and decor! A few of my headpieces and jewelry were made from scratch or at least modified. Without a workspace that just wouldn't happen.
  9. The dark things. I really couldn't be a sweet or classic lolita. I love looking at them, but I could not feel good being them. Anything other than my true spooky self would just not be fun, even though I love lolita fashion dearly. If I could not be a gothic lolita, I would simply be an admirer.
  10. Inspo. All the lovely lolitas I see on Pinterest, Facebook, and Instagram. You're all amazing.