10 Things I Love In Lolita (30 Days of Lolita Challenge Day 2)

March 03, 2019

  1. Frills. Frills are everything. They're what drew me to lolita in the first place. The first piece I bought was a tiered black skirt from Bodyline, and I wore that bitch out! Frills make the world go 'round. 
  2. Color coordination. I love how lolita looks when someone pulls off a really well-coordinated color scheme. It all just flows together so well and I can't stop staring!
  3. The creepy doll factor. I'll be truthful here. I'm not slightly offended by the phrase "living doll." I love reaching for that spooky, creepy dolly aesthetic. Sign me up.
  4. Crossover compatibility. It's so fun to incorporate other fashions into lolita. Some hit, some miss, it's always fun.
  5. Silhouette. The lolita silhouette is just elegant. It's lovely. It's something out of a fractured fairy tale. 
  6. Coordinating. When you wear the same T-shirt twice, it's noticeable. It's like, hey, I know that shirt. With lolita, coording a dress (even a very recognizable one) changes the look drastically. The length of sleeves, the accent colors, the opacity of the blouse or socks, the style of shoes, everything matters! You can build a wardrobe out of just a few pieces, and dress in something totally different every day of the week!
  7. Breaking the rules. I really love pushing the boundaries when it comes to lolita fashion. I think it's fascinating how, sometimes a rule is broken and it ruins the aesthetic, and other times it looks just right. I really enjoy finding what works and where those lines are.
  8. Diversity. I love that no two lolitas look exactly the same. Heck, sometimes the exact same lolita doesn't look the same from one day to the next! I love that there are lolitas of every skin tone, body type, face structure, makeup preferences, and personal styles. It makes for a really wide and beautiful array of lolita inspiration.
  9. DIY. Another area where so many lolitas shine. You're all so beautiful. 😭 I love seeing all the different accessories lolitas customize or even make from scratch, and I love doing it myself! It makes a coord reveal so much more rewarding!
  10. It's heckin' difficult. Lolita is one of the few fashions where there's a phase dedicated to just...doing it so, so, so wrong. The fact that everyone has an ita phase is very telling about the fashion, and makes it feel that much better when you're finally doing it right!