10 Things I Will Never Do In Lolita (30 Days of Lolita Day 9)

March 10, 2019

  1. My workouts. I would die. My dresses would die. I am proud that I train so hard...but it would not be pretty.
  2. Dog training or pet care. Hair and poop and pee and drool and raw food and weird physical movements. Just no.
  3. My DIY projects and crafts. I am not interested in getting hot glue or paint or acetone on my burando, thank you.
  4. Drive long-distance. Sitting in the car sets you up for poor posture. Poor posture is unforgiving in lolita. You can crease your belts (done it), warp plastic boning (done it), wrinkle your clothes (done it), and get dirt on your socks from having to take off your shoe to drive (done it). I just refuse, now, to sit in the car for more than 30 minutes in lolita, and just forget driving!
  5. Go to special events. Weddings and funerals and graduations and the like. If it's a formal occasion in honor of someone else, I am going to dress in black still, but like a normal human. I just think it is rude to become any sort of distraction at someone else's event unless they specifically approve!
  6. Camping, hiking, and outdoors-ing. LOML and I like to take the dogs out to some of the many local trails here in the Pacific Northwest. It can be rainy, muddy, and in the summer there are spiders everywhere. Not to mention the sweat! No way am I dealing with that wearing even my cheapest of lolita outfits! Plus, this time doubles as dog training, so again, I would be focusing on our walk and monitoring the little monsters' behavior (ie: Making sure I'm ready to correct them if they try to run off towards something potentially dangerous, or towards another party. Hiking-with-dogs etiquette is important, too!)
  7. Eat messy food. Anything that has to be eaten with two hands I will just not eat while wearing lolita. It doesn't look right, and it's bound to make a mess. Burgers, wraps, and sandwiches are just a no-go in the frills. It's not worth the risk.
  8. Creativity sessions. Well, maybe not "never." But when I am in creative mode, writing or drawing or xyz, I want to be comfortable and focused. When I wear lolita, my mind is constantly on my outfit. It wouldn't be helpful.
  9. Medical and cosmetic appointments. I went to get a tattoo wearing lolita, once. It wasn't a bad experience at all, it was just more slightly more cumbersome than it needed to be (it was my shoulder, and I wore a blouse and skirt, not a dress). Since then I have just gone comfy and put lolita on the backburner when it comes to tattoos, doctors visits, and cosmetic appointments.
  10. Go out on Halloween. I just don't like when people think my clothing is a costume. If I am going into the world on Halloween, it is usually in a normal-person disguise.