A Photo Room Tour (30 Days of Lolita Day 22)

March 23, 2019

I used to be so proud of my room at my parents' house. In a short couple of months I had turned it into a thriving gothic paradise. It was a small space, but I was immensely satisfied with the progress I'd made with it. Granted, it was often messy and I unfortunately never quite finished my work. There's still a nagging today that I didn't get to finish my fireplace surround. I also crave the freedom of being able to do whatever you want with the walls and carpet...when I started, the walls were green, the trim was white, the carpet was a dingy of off-white with a couple stubborn beverage stains. I made that bitch the heck over.

But alas, I moved on up in life and scored a better-paying, work-for-yourself kind of job as well as an amazing boyfriend, so I left my spooky girl room behind in exchange for a place to build for our own together.

The new apartment was both freeing and limiting. We had all this space for just the two of us, but we also had restrictions about how we could decorate. There was also the issue of making our space nice for both of us; I found that balancing a romantic gothic look with tactical chic wasn't so easy! 😂

Our bedroom has gone through many changes, and is still changing. There's a final vision, but as of March 2019, this is it!

I wanted the first thing you see when you enter to be the bed. I initially gave away by old bed canopy because I thought it would be too feminine, and I didn't want to dominate the space. Later, though, LOML told me he wouldn't mind at all (ugh, if only I knew how accommodating he was before!) so we went and ordered a new one and set it up with tape instead of hardware, which worked out a lot better than you'd think. The canopy makes the bed a very cozy and romantic space, and helps separate it from other parts of the bedroom that are much less personal.

For instance, our workspaces. LOML recently built two amazing new toys for me: my custom gaming PC, which I also use for work, blogging, and other misc. tasks); and my also custom sit-stand desk. My desk is adjustable in height and doesn't require a chair, which makes it a really versatile piece of furniture. I press a button at night and lower it all the way. I press another button if I want to bring in a chair and sit to work. Another button is set to my idea standing desk height. I'm incredibly pleased with it and so grateful for him setting everything up for me. I was able to gather the parts for my PC for about $500 because the video card and case were both donated by generous fellow PC gamers - it's kind of a bare minimum build, but it serves all my needs at a great price while also running Diablo III like a breeze. (That's the real important thing, right?)

I'm all about this desk and its multi-functionality. Being able to lower it to be a nightstand at night is so helpful - we had traditional nightstands a few months ago, and that was a hot mess. LOML has also brought in his desk to sit on his side of the bed, and eventually plans on building a matching setup on his side (when he does, I'll document the process and probably write a post about it). I was able to build my desk for a total of around $300 (the tabletop was $25 the frame $225, and the sliding keyboard tray $50), so it's only a matter of time for us to match. 😋

I have a calendar, some notes, and a habit tracker taped to the wall next to my desk a vision board over my it for motivation (and manifestation, if you believe in that!). No pictures though, that's private! But it has a lot of beauty goals, fitness goals, achievement goals, pictures of places I want to go, items and experiences I'd like to have, how much money I'd like to be making, dream jobs, and lots of motivational quotes. Looking at it really inspires me.

Across from our bed is the television set (50" Sharp Roku TV that we got cheap open box). After moving in, we got a little reckless and bought two TVs to mount in the living room and in our bedroom. Then for Christmas we got a Nintendo Switch and some games, so we had to get an extra dock for our room! (Had to.) I've been playing it less to focus more on work and writing, but when we do play it is usually from our bed because our living room is frozen. Bottom line is, cozy bed gaming was high on the disposable-income-priorities list.

Due to space, by vanity sits underneath our bedroom TV. With how small our bathroom is, I really felt the vanity necessary, and this was somehow the most aesthetically pleasing. We previously had a dresser underneath which also acted as an entertainment center. I feel this is better. I've already mentioned this area of the room in my earlier vanity post, so if you're particularly interested in the makeup setup I'd look there!

The dogs sleep in the room with us, in these crates under the bed. I bought bed risers specifically for this purpose. They have a nice den beneath us where they can be separated and still see each other. They get small fleece blankets from Wal-Mart to burrow into, and when it is cold they have water bottles we fill that last them through the night. The dog crates take up half the under-bed storage, and the rest is misc. items and our emergency kit box.

At the foot of the bed we have a bench that I found in local sales for free. I had to drive a little to pick it up, but we got lucky! This is a great seat for gaming or dressing, it helps Wicca get on the bed (that little fur missile will jump right off our tall-ass bed, but only Grimm has mastered the one-jump leap onto said tall-ass bed), and it also has storage inside, where I put my wigs.

I've yet to organize my collection of wigs, and yes it is vast. How can you blame me when L-email wigs has such nice hair for so cheap?? Wig organization post coming eventually. RIP. Ahem.

My jewelry box sits in the corner next to the window, waiting to be made over. I am inclined to also get an over-the-door jewelry mirror as well, but I'd need more jewelry to justify that....hmmm

Lastly is the closet, on LOML's side of the room. He has some similar organizational items posted on the outer closet door, which ends up being right next to his work station when the doors are closed. For a tour of our closet, you can take a look at this post, since I covered that pretty thoroughly there.

We still want to make a few changes, like adding some shelves for extra display and storage, as well as a small bookshelf for studying and business materials, notebooks, etc. We'll be hanging a few things on the wall, like personal pictures, and adjusting our organization along the way.

All in all, though, that is my bedroom as it is today! What style is your room done-up in? Is it romantic and spooky, like I am for, or another style? I'd love to hear all about it in the comments!