A Picture of My New Lolita Friends (30 Days of Lolita Day 20)

March 21, 2019

I almost didn't know what to do for this prompt in the 30 days of lolita challenge. While I am just too new to the socializing-with-other-people-who-love-lolita-fashion to have a very very close lolita friend or "bestie," I am lucky that last month I was able to connect with a few lovely lolitas in my local comm!
Here they are:

Looking back on this day I remember it being so fun! This was such a lovely and cozy meetup! It took place at a cute Korean dessert cafe only a few miles from my house! The place was packed when we arrived, which made finding seating a bit tricky. But by the time we ordered, it cleared up and we were able to sneak a few chairs so we could all sit comfortably in a wide booth.

Everyone got bingsoo, a really delicious and creamy take on shaved ice I'd never heard of before. I wasn't feeling very hungry by the time we ordered because I'd eaten during my work break, so I ordered a mocha to sip on instead. Rachel, the host of this particular meet, was kind enough to offer me some of her oreo bingsoo, so I was able to try a few bites; it was so delicious! I was shocked at how large the portions were, too! I think the only person who finished an entire portion was LOML when I took one to-go to bring home for him. 😂

I was really excited to participate in niche conversation I don't usually get outside the internet. I hadn't realized how much I was craving that! We talked about conventions, fashion shows, future meets, brands, and different lolita fashion icons.

Everyone looked so cute! When I arrived it took a moment to gather myself because I just wanted to stare at everyone's adorable coordinates. There were more gothic lolita coords than I expected, which was a really lovely surprise! At one point, we were split down the booth with half gothic and half sweet and classic coords!

I really enjoyed myself and met a lot of lovely fellow lolitas. I've been keeping in touch and now I'm always looking forward to the next meet. :)

Are you active in your local comm? If so, what kind of activities do you guys enjoy doing? If not, well...what are you waiting for?