My 5 Favorite Sweets (30 Days of Lolita Challenge Day 13)

March 14, 2019

This prompt is the devil because I love sweets. I love them way too much. The fact I have to work so hard to get to and maintain my ideal body is because I love sweets, okay? With that said, I am aversely but surely sharing my favorite sweets. A word of warning, the following images may cause drool and sugar cravings.

I passionately loathe these things for how god awful delicious they are. Why the hell would any human person invent something so sweet and sour and creamy and smooth? Chocolate cheesecake is my bane because my local discount grocery store always carries them for so cheap that if I didn't restrain myself I could buy one every week. I have to look at the chocolate crust and chip topping and white chocolate drizzle as I walk by to begrudgingly bring home something healthy. Damn you, cheesecake.
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It's rare, but every once in a while I'll splurge and get some doughnuts from the grocery store near my house. If I'm feeling especially indulgent I will go to an actual doughnut shop and get the good stuff. My favorites, strangely enough, are the simple ones. I love the plain doughnuts with the granulated sugar coating, cream or jelly-filled, and anything with brown sugar.

Ube Ice Cream
I got my first taste of this drug-based yam-based ice cream while visiting family in Manila and I can not eat enough of it. It has a unique texture and a mild but extremely pleasant taste. It pairs so well with chocolate, RIP me. Luckily my nearest Asian grocery is in the next town over, or I'd be eating this right out of the tub every damn weekend.

Covered Strawberries
There's something luxurious about them, I don't know. I feel like a goddess lounging with a small plate of chocolate-covered strawberries. If you dip them in chocolate chips or coconut shavings when making them they have such an amazing texture and blend of flavors.

Mochi Ice Cream
No, Officer, that powder on my face is from ice cream, I promise! These little doughy balls of delicious are serious trouble. Luckily they are filling, so I rarely overeat on them, but hot damn if I could I would.