My Dream Item (30 Days of Lolita Challenge Day 14)

March 15, 2019

I feel like this is awfully similar to my wishlist, so I'll make it interesting by highlighting a specific item on that list that I will likely never, ever obtain.  She is....

Mysterious Oujia Talking Board 
Pirates and the Crown Rose

Look at her. The varying textures and beautiful oujia board print. She's so dark and lovely and, and, and...mysterious. I could think of a million ways to coord this dress.

Unfortunately, Pirates and the Crown Rose is an indie lolita brand that cycles through different releases - and doesn't exactly do the whole re-release thing. The number of dresses they made are the exact number of dresses out there, and it's very likely to stay that way. When I first saw this dress, I even contacted them to ask if they still made it, or if they still had any stock at all on hand. They do not. Ouch, my dreams.

Perhaps, one day, my love, I will see you in all your glory.

Am I the only one with a hopeless dream dress? Are there any releases you're dying to get your hands on, but is so rare that it looks impossible? I'd love to not feel alone in this sadness hear what your favorites are!