My Favorite Fictional Lolita (30 Days of Lolita Day 21)

March 22, 2019


When I first saw the title for "Psycho Gothic Lolita" I scoffed and kept scrolling. I mean, it looked like some hot trash. I'm sorry, but it did.

Finally, though, my curiosity caught me by the wallet and I dragged LOML to the couch and shelled out a few dollars to try out this "hot trash." Oh my god.

Firstly, Psycho Gothic Lolita is basically Kill Bill, which I happen to enjoy. In this Yoshihiro Nishimura movie, a young girl named Yuki sets out to get revenge after a group of assassins murder her mother and leave her father crippled. The violence is gory and cartoonish and incredibly ridiculous (coughmuchlikeKillBillcough), but the best part is that Yuki decides that donning some Lolita frills is the way to go on her silly and dangerous mission. What a champ.

Without spoiling too much of the story: I really liked Yuki's character, and although the film did move a little fast for my liking, I really found it funny and enjoyable. If you haven't seen it, it's well worth it! You'll probably love Yuki as much as I do.