My Last Lolita Purchase (30 Days of Lolita Challenge Day 15)

March 16, 2019

This is sad, actually. I haven't bought a new lolita main piece in almost a year! The last thing I bought was Krad Lanrete's Transylvania Moonlight, which is my favorite dress yet.

After that, I met LOML and started putting the bulk of my money towards necessities, and my disposable income towards other things. Rent and utilities, apartment upgrades like appliances and furniture (girl needed a nice couch, okay?), date nights, health and beauty, video games (guilty, I bought the Nintendo switch when Pokemon and Diablo III were released) a new desk and computer to start blogging and schooling and gaming, a new rescue dog, and lots of things that were just...more of a priority (filled me with more happiness, at the time) than getting a new dress!

I don't regret any of those purchases; they make my quality of living feel much higher than would a couple of new dresses. It does leave a little bit of a hollow feeling, though, now that I type it out and admit that in the last year I have removed pieces from my wardrobe and not gotten any new main pieces.

For what it's worth, the next piece I add is most likely going to be purchased from the AP store in Paris, just for the experience. (Well, for the dress, too. Obviously.) I will be certain to update later in 2019 when I can show an actual recent purchase.