One Day in My Life in Lolita (30 Days of Lolita Challenge Day 11)

March 12, 2019

It's unfortunate to say I don't wear lolita very often. I'd love to spend all day in my frills, but here's the reality of my life:

  1. I work with dogs. I train them, walk them, and care for them constantly. Usually outside. I sweat, and I dirty my clothes with mud and droll. So not loli.
  2. At work, when I'm not working hands-on with dogs, I am working with new clients. Imagine being taken seriously about training a dog with severe aggression problems while wearing burando or a hime wig. Nope!
  3. When I get home, there's other work to do. I have to take care of my own pups, do chores and clean, study, and generally tidy up, because it is taking LOML and I way too long to organize a shared living space and my life is a mess good day sir.
  4. When I'm finally done with all of this, I can shower and have some free time...and at that point I am pooped. At that point in the day, I'd much rather don my PJs or some comfy leggings and do some blogging/web management, drawing, reading or writing, work on my dolls, play some video games, or even take a nap than do a full face of makeup, fix my hair, and try to squeeze my boobs into a dress.
  5. Bottom line, if I am going to wear the frills I am going to be seen! When I'm at home, don't expect much from me! Let me be homely and comfortable! 😂

I would love for lolita to be a manageable daily style for me. I just haven't built up to that, yet! My current lifestyle is simply not compatible with daily lolita. When I do wear lolita, you can be certain it's either a special occasion or bound to be the highlight of my day (see: meetup days, conventions, photoshoots, etc). 

During these days, I will typically start already knowing at least an outline of a coordinate I want to create. I'll do this by picking the main piece suitable for the occasion (for long days I'll wear something more comfortable and probably fully shirred, but for more formal events, like a brand tea party for instance, I would definitely pull out all the stops!)

I'll do this the night before, and give myself enough time before leaving for an event to get ready. I really enjoy putting together coordinates on the fly. Improvisation! There are enough common themes in my wardrobe, as well as a pretty good color scheme, so I can put something together and not have it look awful. I've worked really hard over the last few years to cull and define my own style, and build a wardrobe with pieces that compliment each other.

After putting together an outfit, I'll put on a wig and some makeup - what style I go for in each generally depends on how casual or eccentric my coordinate is. For very casual days, sometimes I'll opt for my clip-in bangs instead of a full wig. It really depends on the rest of the outfit!

I always feel odd at first, stepping outside. I wonder if my neighbors will even recognize me from how I look when it's first thing in the morning and I'm just taking the little monsters out for a pee!

Driving can be kind of awkward because car seats are shaped in an odd fashion and kind of force you to bend at the waist - or at least they do for me! This is annoying if you're wearing something with plastic boning, like a corset skirt. And I often forget to take off my headwear when jumping in the car, resulting in a lot of embarrassing moments of flower crowns falling into my lap. Oy.

If I'm going somewhere that will take up most of my day, chances are I've brought my "party shoes," these little black flats that fold up nicely into a travel pouch. Take care of your feet!

After arriving at a meet or event, I tend to kind of...forget I'm wearing lolita. If I were just lounging about at home, the slightest bit of scratchiness or pinch would drive me nuts. But when I'm out and about, I feel like lolita is just...right! I'm in flow, and I more or less forget the kind of clothes I'm wearing because it just matches my mood.

When I finally go home for the day, I'll typically stay in my outfit until I'm ready to wind down for the day. I might take off my wig and shoes, but unless I've had a killer day I'll typically just take a little longer to enjoy my frills.

On days like this I like to unwind with a bath. I've probably been stuffed into cute but not-so-friendly shoes all day, and as an introvert it's nice to relax with a glass of wine and a book after a social day.

How do you like to unwind after a day of frills? Let me know in the comments!