The Last 30 Days in Review (30 Days of Lolita Day 30)

March 31, 2019

I made it! Thirty days straight of Lolita blogging. A pretty good start, I think! The prompt for day 30 on the original The Random Lolita blog post was:

A photo of yourself taken today, and three good things that happened in the last thirty days.

I think I can confidently say that finishing my blog challenge was a great thing to happen. I really worried about a lot of things, especially blogging burnout. But this challenge was extremely fun.

Another great thing that happened in the last month, on the 11th, was that I finished a 6-week fitness challenge - I did every damn workout, ate healthy, and feel amazing! There was only one day that I skipped working out, when my whole day was dedicated to a dog training seminar - and I made up for it the following week by nixing a rest day. Oy. I worked really hard and got some amazing results. There's no way I'm stopping now! I've picked up a new program and am already hard at work!

I also finished a self-study course I've been working on. Afterwards I just feel so prepared and organized going forward. I have a lot more direction in my career, my side projects, and my creative endeavors alike - this blog included!

This is a photo of me today after reflecting on my accomplishments not just this month but in 2019 so far. I genuinely hope all of you are also working hard too, and reaping the benefits!