What I Want More Than Anything Right Now (30 Days of Lolita Challenge Day 17)

March 18, 2019

This prompt is interesting because, depending on how you interpret it, it can overlap with two other posts already done this month. For that reason, I'll choose something more attainable than my sweeping list of dream dresses, and I'll go for more general ideas. Here are the top five things I want most to change in my lolita life for 2019.

More mainstream goth accessories, bags, and jewelry.
I recently got rid of a lot of my jewelry and accessories so that my wardrobe is more matching in color and aesthetic. I'm very happy now with the overall vibe of my wardrobe, but not so much with the quantity and selection.

I'd love to add some bags because Wicca chewed one of the bags I actually liked. Fortunately, it was a cheaper one, but it motivated me to work on behavior with her, and it sure taught me my lesson about leaving tasty faux leather within paws' reach. Sigh.

I'm wanting to get at least one "goth" bag and maybe a brand tote. Something I can bring out on the town, and another I can use for any occasion, even grocery shopping.

In terms of jewelry, I would really like to add more rings and necklaces. I've considered getting some more rings from the Rogue and the Wolf - I have three which I love already, and they look so good with stiletto nails. I'm especially eyeing the animal- and skull-themed ones.

For accessories, I'd have to get a few more subdued headdresses and some more gothic lolita accessories. I'm really into restyle.pl for their accessories, and their headdresses are to die for. I have one and I love it dearly, but it does need some friends.

A spooky-sweet lolita friend.
I call this elusive creature "the Debbie to my Morticia." I want someone to cross-style twin with, who wouldn't mind getting drinks while looking like a couple of contrasting frilly living dead dolls. Someone who is cute and mild on the outside but low-key evil. Dearest pastel monster, if you're out there, let's have coffee or wine and watch gothic shows and horror films.

To treat myself to some quality lingerie.
Although they are far from related, I love lingerie for a lot of the same reasons I love lolita. It makes me feel elegant and refined. I love being dressed in quality materials on every single layer. But unfortunately, because I prefer to put my clothing money towards my outward wardrobes, I rarely get to buy the things that nobody sees but which matter to me. It's practical to do this, but it is a sacrifice of something I enjoy. I have a single gorgeous lacy black push up bra from Bradelis NY (it's amazing, with just enough structure, side boning, and high-quality lace), and the rest of my undergarments are basic panties that may be cute but are of average quality. I want to be sure, sometime this year, to treat myself to clothing that makes me feel luxurious and elegant even when I am home by myself.

I want to buy something burando new.
I've spoken enough about my plans to visit the AP physical shop in Paris. LOML and I are saving money towards this trip (AP is not the main reason for traveling; we also plan on visiting the catacombs, the louvre, Disneyland, and the Normandy American Cemetery and Memorial), and I'm looking forward to updating and blogging that experience. I know that brand is readily available secondhand. I just want the satisfaction of having something from a big lolita brand that is 100% my own. It feels like a rite of passage, almost. Maybe that's silly, but I think somehow it will bring me extra happiness in lolita, and for that, it's worth the money.

To fill out my misc. dark fashion wardrobe.
Lolita is so important to me, but I have (and have use for) a lot of different clothing. I need workout clothes, formal wear, and a basic, functional wardrobe for being a normal human outside of lolita. Since I still want to embrace my super dark self, I'd really love to spend this year collecting pieces I truly love that are either crossovers or not lolita at all and can be worn more casually.