What's In My Lolita Bag? (30 Days of Lolita Day 10)

March 11, 2019

A lolita's bag is sacred, in my eyes. We live an extravagant life, and with great extravagance comes great responsibility. A lolita's bag is their armory, so it's important to be prepared! Here's what I typically keep in my bag:

  • A contact lens case. So important! Dolly lenses are cute and all, but you need a backup plan if your eyes become too uncomfortable and you need to take them out.
  • My wallet. Of course, I take it out and leave it in a designated spot whenever I come home so it doesn't get lost in one of my bags. But it's not like I could leave without it...
  • A makeup kit. My makeup kit is just another small bag that I pack up with go-tos and essentials before I leave. I typically put it together right after doing my makeup while still sitting at my vanity. It contains my chosen lip color for the day, some extra eyeshadow in case the pigment dulls throughout the day, duo lash glue, some concealer, and of course a mirror and hair brush. I build it a little differently depending on how I do my makeup in the morning.
  • My cell phone. I have the Galaxy Note 8. I've had it for a year or so now and am still madly in love with it. Being able to pull the S Pen for certain tasks is so helpful since I use my phone for so many things.
  • A bag hook. Don't put your bag at your feet while eating at a restaurant or using a public restroom. Yuck. 
  • Eye drops. I've been using Lumify for those clear eye whites, but really it's just to keep my eyes hydrated and comfy while wearing circle lenses.
  • A wardrobe malfunction kit. Clothing tape, a mini sewing kit, and a tide pen. You don't think you need it until you do.
  • Business cards, calling cards, etc. I run my own business training dogs. If someone asks for my info, I want to have it on hand. I also carry calling cards, which are for fellow lolitas and potential personal friends.
  • A small notebook. I always think of cool poetry ideas or story subplots while I'm at work or driving. I like having a notebook on me so I don't frustrate myself forgetting them all!
That's pretty much it! As it is now, that's typically how I build up a lolita bag for a day out. 

Is there anything I should add? What's in your bag that you would never be caught dead leaving home without?