Back to School

April 01, 2019

I'm someone who identifies as multi-passionate. Although my interests mostly have a common theme, they span a great many areas. I'm taking on a great many projects this year - getting serious about building my business, putting myself out there and streaming my favorite games, writing my poetry, working on custom doll art, even building this very blog - and I'm excited about each and every one. I look at them and can see a small part of a big picture. I'm incredibly pleased that another piece of that big picture puzzle is coming together. 

I'm going back to school!

After going to an open house at LOML's college, I really started craving a physical school setting again. I graduated my initial college program several years ago, and although I've continued learning things and even taking further schooling, I never committed again to attending an in-person college with real-life teachers, classrooms, and schoolmates.

Going home from the open house that night, I ended up with an arm full of fliers and information packets on various subjects. I didn't really think I'd be able to actually enroll in any of the programs, considering I do work during the day. But alas, after browsing through my informational loot from that evening, I found that there was actually a program I could fit into my schedule, and in a subject I've really been dying to learn more about.

The sewing program!

See, I can hand-stitch okay, though nothing fancy. I did some guided quilting in the way-back years of elementary school because my teacher didn't want to teach us science (don't ask, it's not important). I even own a sewing machine that I could never figure out on my own! Let me tell you, though, my fabric arts skills are...lacking.

It's a damn shame, too, given my areas of interest. I think fashion design is so alluring. I love making custom dolls, and I just feel stumped when it comes to making their outfits. I have spent many a daydream envying handmade lolitas on YouTube, wishing I had their amazing talents! I would even love to make custom leashes and accessories for my little monsters, but there's only so much a girl can do with hand-stitching and a glue gun!

I'm really excited to be taking a program that fits my schedule, is affordable, and will be teaching me how to work with fabric - the bane of my existence. I'm also looking forward to being LOML's schoolmate, and hopefully meeting some new friends with similar interests. There's just something about sitting down in a school building with a laptop and some books and getting things done. As much as I hated school growing up, there's something wholesome to be now about an education environment. Hopefully it's not just nostalgia!

I'm even considering furthering my education afterwards with a fashion design program. Fitting for a lolita, no? I'll have to see how I do with sewing, first, though!

With this exciting new adventure, I'm wondering what my fellow darling darklings went to school for. Did you or do you plan to pursue a degree or certificate? What's your focus? I'd love to hear in the comments. :)