My Favorite Lolita Brands

April 06, 2019

Being in Lolita, I never really worried too much about brand. I came into the fashion with the philosophy that a specific beautiful dress was more important than the name on the tag. Brand loyalty is really just not my thing. That said, there are a few brands that tend to release designs and prints I just adore.

Krad Lanrete
I discovered this brand through Transylvania Moonlight, my current favorite JSK in my wardrobe. From this dress alone I fell in love with the brand. They have several other designs I'm dying to get my hands on, too. I love their dark, romantic style.

I don't have a single Haenuli item, and it seriously bums me out! I always end up stumbling upon a Haenuli dress I didn't know existed, and immediately pinning it to my pinterest wishlist. I'm particularly interested in The Story You Don't Know and A Full Moon Night

Moi Meme Moitie
There are a few Moitie items on my wishlist I've been eyeing for quite a while. I like the softer, more romantic prints over their gloomier ones, although I do love some dark blue-and-black Moitie gloom. Harpsichord Trio and the Alchemy print are at the top of my list! 

If you could wear only 3 brands, what would you pick? I'd love to hear in the comments!