How My Lolita Style Changes with the Seasons

May 11, 2019

In the Pacific Northwest, we are blessed to (at least most years) have four distinct seasons that are fairly typical of how we in the west learn the seasons to be. Winter is chilly, sometimes freezing, mostly overcast, and a mix of rain most years and sometimes snow. Spring is mild with some rain and a pretty even mix of sun and clouds. Summer is hot and sunny. Autumn is brilliant, with sun and rain and falling leaves and the perfect temperature. Year-round, the trees are green and there's a comfortable humidity.

Given that the weather changes quite consistently, it's a fairly simple task to adjust my wardrobe to suit the weather. While I don't pack and store my "winter wardrobe" or "summer wardrobe," I do know what pieces I'm going to be going for when it comes a certain time of year.


In winter I feel I can go all-out with layers - I can be as extra as I want and still be a little chilly. To combat the cold, I'll typically opt for thicker fabrics and even polyester, which retains heat better. My classical puppets petticoat is a lifesaver in the cold! Simple black boots are also a must because some years it snows and makes walking a real pain; this year the Seattle area was hit with a snow storm, and my apartment's management took almost a full week to get any snow removal out! I sometimes wear my full-length winter coat from Princess Faith, but I might wear something lighter if I plan on indoor activities where I might have to tote it around after removing it. I love winter because the cold weather makes it so easy to wear wigs! Thermal stockings in lieu of regular socks also does an amazing job keeping my legs warm. A good umbrella is essential to have on-hand in my area in the likely even of sprinkles of rain or snow - a "lolita" one is ideal if you know for sure it will be raining, but for practicality a simple compact umbrella is great for wrapping up to stow away throughout the day.

In terms of preference, winter makes me feel very romantic and cozy. I love incorporating roses and red lips, especially when there's a chance for snow. I tend to fall into an obsession with white wigs and red contact lenses, which I feel becomes more vibrant in the winter. My skin also naturally gets lighter when the sun goes away, so my makeup preference changes with that as well, though that of course depends on the year and trends. I always take full advantage of stag imagery in the winter. It's one of my favorite themes that unfortunately doesn't feel right in the other seasons. When winter rolls around, I feel really empowered to wear all the antlers, and my stag-themed jewelry.

My style in the winter overall tends to be bulkier, cozier, less harsh or sharp, and colors are much more opaque. Of course, the layers and themes become fewer as it gets closer into spring.


In the spring weather, I have access to most of my closet. The only thing I remove from rotation is my winter coat, which will just not ever be necessary...hopefully. It has snowed as late as April before, so I guess it's not exactly out of the question. That said, in the spring the weather is generally quite mild, so it's easy to do casual coordinates for days when I'm not doing much but want to fit in some lolita. A blouse and corset skirt works just fine with no real issue. On colder days I'll wear a bolero or light jacket.

Spring is a pretty consistent time of year. My birthday is in April, so I might feel inclined to go OTT if I'm doing something special, but otherwise I will just work on refining my usual day-to-day "casual" style during this time.


As much as I love it, lolita can be such a pain in the summer! In all honesty, I rarely wear lolita in the hotter months. Between sweating working in the sun, working on messy creative projects at home, and walking my own dogs a few times a day, it feels like there's just not a lot of time or motivation to fit lolita into a very full, hot day. Working with animals, there is no way I am showing up in a dress!

When I do wear lolita in summer, I put my petticoat away until autumn. Instead, I opt for my hoop skirt, which I made myself! It does a lovely job of keeping a lolita bell shape, and most importantly doesn't get too hot or stuffy. I might also forego a blouse when wearing JSKs that are meant to go without, but that is very much dependent on the rest of the coordinate and the cut of the dress. When I do wear blouses, it will be a sheer fabric or breathable material - I have no qualms about the opacity of my blouses when the weather is so hot. I might also opt for sheer tights or tightly-woven fishnets, and a cute open-toe shoe. It all depends on aesthetics and how it looks as a coord.

I really do love toting around a parasol in lolita, though. It feels so elegant and intimidating to walk in the forever shade wearing a matte black lip and a cute pair of sunglasses.


Fall-elujah! This is the best time of the year. I can be as flexible as I like with my clothing, and a lot like in spring, the weather permits me to wear kind of...anything. But I love that I will start to find new spooky items in normal stores, many of them even suited for lolita. This is the time of year I'll take more chances and start to experiment with my style. There are also typically Halloween sales on a lot of clothing and accessory brands I really love. It's a great time for expanding my wardrobe.

During autumn, I love adding more "cutesy" spooky themes that I typically don't like wearing. Creepy-cute elements, pumpkins, ghosties, and other "spoopy" things somehow end up in my coordinates, and I have trouble figuring out how they got there. I also am a total fiend for hats during autumn, especially wide-brimmed, witchy hats. That all comes to a grinding halt around Halloween, though, because if I have to hear the word "costume" one more time I might have to make a fleshsuit out of someone. Generally, though, autumn is my favorite time for adding new pieces and stepping outside my fashion comfort zone.

How does your wardrobe change with the seasons? Are you fairly consistent? Do you mix things up periodically for the hell of it, or does the weather dictate your choices? I'd really love to hear in the comments!